Naz Meknat, West Hollywood Stylist

Today we’d like to introduce you to Naz Meknat.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I always had a creative eye growing up which led me to attending & graduating from FIDM. When I graduated from FIDM I worked in different areas of fashion. I worked in visual merchandizing, interning and assisting designers. I was blessed to be able to see the industry from different angles. During that time, I was able to make an easy decision to become my own boss and start styling full time. I have always loved clothes and realized I could turn my dream into my daily life.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It hasn’t been a smooth ride, it didn’t happen overnight. I had another full-time job to support myself for a while. It took a good 4-5 years to become completely established and have my own clients. But it’s all been worth it.

So, let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Styled By Naz story. Tell us more about the business.
My company is solely based on styling and anything styling related. We do everything from red carpet to ad campaigns, photoshoots and personal styling. I’m extremely proud of how I grew this business from just having a few personal styling clients to now I’m working with worldwide companies being able to travel and take on so many different projects that need my services.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I would say luck has nothing to do with it. It’s all been hardwork, networking, surrounding yourself with people who inspire you that you can learn from. Luck has had nothing to do with it. All hardwork and dedication.

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Emmy's with Stylist Naz Meknat

Sterling K. Brown heads into Sunday’s Emmy awards with his second nomination, this time for “This Is Us,” and will be dressed for the occasion in a Valentino tuxedo.

Brown was an Emmy winner last year for “American Crime Story,” for which he was also nominated for a Golden Globe; this time around at the Emmys he is up for outstanding lead actor in a drama series for “This Is Us,” making him the first African-American actor to be nominated in that category since 2001.

After Sunday’s awards, Brown has a busy fall ahead of himself; “This Is Us” returns to NBC on September 26, and his film “Marshall” — about a young Thurgood Marshall with Chadwick Boseman, Dan Stevens and Kate Hudson — hits theaters October 13. In 2018 he’ll be seen in “Black Panther” with Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B. Jordan; “Hotel Artemis” with Jenny Slate and Sofia Boutella, and “The Predator” with Olivia Munn and Jacob Tremblay.

“Like I always say, it’s better busy than bored,” he says.

WWD caught up with Brown, who works with stylist Naz Meknat, after a fitting at Valentino to talk about his Emmys night look and how he preps for the red carpet.

 Hollywood Shopping Guide, 2017

Shopping with the fashionista. Independent boutiques, fun local brands, international designer items and unique vintage finds: Hollywood is a must-visit for fashionistas. My guide has something for everyone and every budget!

Naz featured on CVLUX: Your Wardrobe Revamp has Arrived


She's got a major eye on style! Meet Nazy Meknat, a fashion guru based in Los Angeles and Orange County. As a personal Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant, Style By Naz offers her expertise to both men and women of all ages. She works with each client individually to assess and fulfill their specific goals, whether they would like to update their everyday look, obtain a complete makeover, or prepare for a special event or red carpet. Need to build a new wardrobe? Hear your closet screaming for a re-vamp? Let the super woman of styling put your closet out of it’s misery and give it a fresh look! The goal is to shy away from hair-pulling / stressful shopping and make it a confident / enjoyable experience. This is especially true if your wardrobe is a juggle between managing the many different looks that you need to succeed!


Naz is a Los Angeles based fashion stylist who has been working in this industry for over 10 years. She has a degree in fashion from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles. Her accomplishments as a Fashion stylist make her one of the most knowledgeable stylists in the industry. She works with celebrities, non-celebrities and also works as a stylist on editorial and promotional photo-shoots as well as music videos. Her work can be seen in a variety of publications and talk shows.


Here's her Fashion Formula:

• At-Home Consultation
• Color Analysis
• Body and Style Analysis
• Closet Audit (3 hours)
• Wardrobe Planning & Outfit Creation (3 hours)
• Personal Shopping (3 hours)
• Accessorizing with Style

Color, Body and Style Analysis + Closet Audit (3 Hours) - This 3 hour session is perfect to get a taste of what an image consultant or a wardrobe stylist can do for you. If you're ready to take the first step towards creating a personal style but not ready to shop just yet, then this is for you. Naz reviews the basic colors that complement you + identifies the basic styles of clothing that are ideal for your body and shape plus a closet audit.

Closet Audit - From your closet corner to your drawers, nothing will be left out. Naz will clear out the old, unflattering items and save the ones that are more flattering, vintage or sentimental, or that can be altered.

Wardrobe Planning and Outfit Creation - Naz will create new outfits from your existing clothing and accessories. Whether it's for work, vacation, your newly changed body or for fun. This is a perfect time to make the most out of what you have in your closet!

Personal Shopping - After identifying your wardrobe needs, Naz will spend time in only those stores that best fit your personality and style. Then, it's time to choose the clothing and accessories that fit your lifestyle and your body type.

Vanity Fair Cover, Caitlyn Jenner

(CNN)What kind of woman is Caitlyn Jenner?

We don't really know yet. The former Bruce Jenner has been in the public eye for little more than 24 hours, and many of us are still getting used to saying "she" instead of "he." But based on her splashy introduction Monday in Vanity Fair, we have a few clues.

Experts say Jenner is already sending clear messages about her identity and image.

Let's try to decode them.

Her name
Vanity Fair reports that Jenner began the selection process for a new name about two years ago and chose Caitlyn over Heather or Cathy.

Many observers see meaning in the fact that Jenner is spelling her name with a C instead of a K. That choice immediately sets her apart from the other famous women in her family: ex-wife Kris and stepdaughters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and Jenner's own daughters Kendall and Kylie.

"The name Caitlyn is very telling," Los Angeles-based image consultant Laurie Graham said. She notes that as an Irish name believed to mean "pure," it's "another way of (Jenner) saying 'I am being pure and authentic to who I really am.'

"And the name spelled with a 'C' instead of a 'K' is the most interesting part," Graham said, calling it "such an obvious separation from ... the Kardashian clan of women (and) exhibiting a conscious effort to become authentic in her own right."

Notably, although Caitlyn is a youthful name, it's also a generation out of date. The popularity of the name and its variations (Caitlin, Kaitlyn, etc.) peaked in 2000 and has been declining since.
Her style
For her Vanity Fair shoot, Jenner and her wardrobe consultants tried many outfits over a three-hour fitting and ultimately chose an ivory-hued corset for the magazine cover. Style experts have praised this classic, stripped-down look for its simplicity and openness: a woman baring her soul, maybe for the first time.

"You can see a lot of the Old Hollywood classic look in her new image," Graham said. "It is very old school, pinup-inspired and much more of a '50s/'60s look than the modern-day, Kardashian over-the-top edgy style.

"This actually makes a lot of sense for Caitlyn, because at 65 years old, she was born in 1949, when this style was at its peak."

Other photos from the Vanity Fair spread show Jenner looking glamorous in a glittering gold dress and a black off-the-shoulder gown. She wears earrings, heels and red lipstick, and her wavy brown hair tumbles softly down her back.

"Both her hairstyle and wardrobe choice reflect her personal style, which is elegant, glamorous and timeless", said Naz Meknat, a Los Angeles fashion stylist. "Her taste in wardrobe so far is impeccable, tasteful, classy and ladylike. The dresses she wore in Vanity Fair's spread shows how comfortable she already is with her femininity."

In a video posted on Vanity Fair's site, Jenner says her new presentation is "extremely important" to her.

"I was always worried, (because) you never want it to look like a guy in a dress," she said. "If you're going to ... come out, you really have to look the part. You have to look very feminine."

Behind the scenes, home & family, Hallmark channel, makeover segment

What an amazing day. Paul, a prop guy on the set of Home & Family, a Hallmark channel morning show, was nominated by his 12 year old daughter and got a head to toe makeover just in time for Father's day. The wardrobe for Paul was provided by the generous and talented designers of "Jacob Davis"

Naz Meknat on Hallmark channel, Home and Family morning show, doing a makeover on a deserving dad, in honor of Fathers's day.

Naz's interview with "Guide Advisor" explaining the procees of style consultation and shopping for a client.

Naz and winners of PEOPLE's "Real Beauties" on the Queen Latifah Show!

Naz Meknat, Los Angeles
What attracted PEOPLE to Naz was the confidence that shines through in her pictures and that’s something representative of a woman in her 30′s — confidence.

Naz says her grandmother taught her, “Your outer beauty fades, but your inner is what you want to maintain.”

PEOPLE Magazine's 'Real Beauties'

Women like this year's Most Beautiful Lupita Nyong'o, Julia Roberts and Mila Kunis turn heads everywhere they go, from the red carpet and beyond.

But we encountered no shortage of stunners when we put the call out for women who represent real beauty, inside and out.

Among more than 10,000 women nationwide, these four were chosen. Meet your winners: Kimberly T., 20's, Houston; Naz M., 30's, Los Angeles; Courtney M., 40's, Chicago; and Elissa C., 50's, Salisbury, Mass.

Each woman defined what it means to be beautiful on their own terms.

"Age is only a number," says Elissa, who maintains her youthful appearance through yoga, weight-training, walking, cycling, snowshoeing, swimming and developing a community garden with her husband.

Adds Naz, a wardrobe stylist who nabbed top honors in the 30s category: "The only beauty that lasts is inner beauty."

But when it comes to looking good, Kimberly has a simple but important tip that she makes time for, even though she's busy studying for her nursing degree in oncology. "Take care of your skin when you are young," she says. "You'll thank yourself in the future!"

For the real beauties, a true glow comes from looking beyond their own mirrors. That's what Courtney, the former marketing executive, tries to impart to her two young daughters.

"Your body makes you sexy, your face makes you pretty," she says, "but your mind makes you beautiful."

See more Real Beauties in this week's special issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

Naz featured on the Nitty Gritty Fashion blog
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Editorial report published on DSN-Digital stylist network- Trend report Fall 2013- Leopard
"Out with summer, in with the fall. For this season I see animal prints everywhere, especially leopard print. Not that it ever went out of style but this season it is coming back stronger than ever. For their new Fall/ Winter collection designers are putting a cool and modern stamp on this print. In various scales, with skinny pants, jumpsuits and cute shorts, this print looks fresh, young and current. Whether you prefer your leopard in a classic or colorful palette, on a scarf or a dress, this print is the big trend of this fall and it is going to be the one trend stylish women will be going for this autumn." DSN Stylist, Nazy Meknat